P.A.L.S. Coordinator


Grace Ota

I'm a second year studying Ecosystem Science and Sustainability. Apart from my passions for conservation and the environment, I adore cats and grizzly bears. Some of my favorite activities are going to shows, hiking, and dragon boating! I am the Pals Coordinator in APACC, and I love kids so it's a privilege to work and play with all the great little ones that join our program.
Favorite Villain:
Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls! He's my favorite because he's actually not that intimidating, he's a tiny monkey that wears a cape and never wins against the Powerpuff Girls!

Jade Croghan

Hello! My name is Jade and Im a third year Early Childhood Education major. This will be my second year with APACC as one of the PALS coordinators and I'm so excited to be back! This year I will be consuming myself with Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority Inc., APACC, Campus Information and a new cat (who still hates us). Some of my favorite things to do are cook, watch funny videos, go to the public library and find good deals. I can't wait to see ya'll at APACC!  
Favorite Villain:
Meowth from Team Rocket (of Pokémon) because unlike other Pokémon, Meowth can control his own actions where as other Pokémon have to follow commands (Aka he's I.N.D.E.P.E.N.D.E.N.T. just like me!). Meowth is just misunderstood and believes that if people recognized what was the same between them as opposed to differences the world would be a better place. Who wouldn't want to agree with that beautiful sentiment? Also, Meowth looks like a cat...so obvious win.