Job Openings

We are seeking to hire students who have a commitment to working with and providing advocacy for diverse student populations, identities and experiences, and specifically for Asian American, Pacific Islander and Desi American (APIDA) students. When we refer to APIDA students, we are including, but not limited to, people with backgrounds in any and all of the categories listed here:


– East Asian (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

– Southeast Asian (e.g. Vietnamese, Thai, Hmong, Laotian)

– South Asian/Desi (e.g. Indian subcontinent)

– Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (e.g. Filipinx, Polynesian, Micronesian)

– Middle Eastern & Arab American

– Mixed Race, Transracial/Transnational Adoptees, Third Culture Kids


Available Openings     15

Hours  7.0 to 10.0 hours per week

Specific Hours

Hourly Rate     $12.00/hour

Time Frame     Fall/Spring

Start Date        Sunday, August 16, 2020

Contact Name Carl Murray Olsen

Contact Email

Phone  (970)-491-6154


Position Descriptions

Communications Manager

  • Manages website and creates APACC weekly e-newsletter and two alumni newsletters; responsible for distribution.
  • Manages APACC social media (such as Facebook and Instagram), creates content and engages with followers and other cultural and resource centers.
  • Works with student staff to create and distribute flyers and otherwise market APACC programs.
  • Attends APACC events to record and document happenings to share on website and social media.
  • Tracks and evaluates effectiveness of outreach done by APACC through these channels.


Pre-collegiate Youth Program Development

  • Establish and maintain contacts with high schools in the Fort Collins area.
  • Develop curriculum for pre-collegiate programs, including but not limited to: developing APIDA identity, connecting APIDA college students with APIDA students from the surrounding community, understanding financial aid, developing requirements for the college admissions process, understanding campus life, gaining financial literacy, and developing positive habits for a successful post-secondary career.
  • Research new potential opportunities for youth outreach and plans and implements pilot versions of those programs.


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Research and maintain group volunteer opportunities for APIDA students.
  • Establish connections with organizations that provide volunteer opportunities.
  • Recruit and maintain a list of volunteers.
  • Provide programming for volunteers in order to:
  • Develop a sense of APIDA community at CSU.
  • Help them better represent APACC as a group of volunteers.
  • Create a nurturing and fun atmosphere.


Community Development Coordinator

  • Outreach to student organizations that has a focus on APIDA culture and share similar causes to APACC’s mission.
  • Develop APIDA community at CSU. *Specific outreach to Desi, Middle Eastern, Southeast Asian, Native Hawai’ian, Pacific Islander, multiracial/mixed race, and transracial adoptee students.
  • Responsible for programming of events to build understanding, community, and solidarity across ethnicities and cultures.


Peer Mentor/Leadership Coordinator

  • Recruit Peer Mentors and help be a teaching assistant (TA) for the Peer Mentoring course where mentors learn to create connections with first year and new transfer students and help them navigate their first year at CSU successfully including:
  • Establishing contact with mentors and mentees
  • Planning educational, social and cultural activities for mentors and mentees
  • Connecting students with appropriate resources
  • Track attendance and monitor performance of both mentors and mentees
  • Co-coordinate the All Nations Leadership Retreat with a coordinator from the Native American Cultural Center (Sept 25-27, 2020)
  • Co-coordinate annual APACC Awards Ceremony at the end of spring semester (date TBA)


Student Administrative Assistant

  • Manages reception area at APACC and takes minutes at staff meetings.
  • Provides majority of time working the front desk and answering questions.
  • Attends APACC events when possible to document happenings and assist Communication Manager to share on website and social media.
  • Develops and coordinates Chai to Understand discussion program on Tuesdays from 5-6pm with the APACC Inclusive Community Assistant (ICA) consisting of once a week discussion about issues impacting the APIDA community. Identifies topics and speakers related to APIDA issues or experiences to provide opportunities for dialogue.


Job Requirements

  • Must be a CSU student in good academic and disciplinary standing
  • Must demonstrate strong communication skills, a positive attitude, willingness to learn, strong work ethic, and ability to work effectively individually and on a team
  • Must serve as a positive role model and representative of APACC and CSU
  • Must attend Fall staff training on Sunday-Friday, August 16-21, 2020 (all day including some late evening hours and an overnight retreat Sunday-Tuesday; please notify us of any conflicts as soon as you are aware of them) and Spring training on Saturday, January 23, 2021.
  • Ability to work around 7-10 hours per week including some possible early mornings (8am)
  • Required to provide front desk coverage when scheduled and represent APACC in resource fairs as well as in welcoming individuals and groups to the center
  • Must attend weekly staff meetings (to be determined based on class schedules)
  • Pass criminal background check


Students will need to have work-study after hiring (more information about work-study employment: ) and check your RamWeb under Financial Aid.  If you have questions about your work-study status, please contact Carl Murray Olsen, (970) 491-6154 or email 


Graphic Design experience helpful for Communications Manager position


Social Media Management experience helpful in Communications Manager position

How to Apply

Please email Carl at (a) your resume (b) three references with name, relationship and contact information including phone number and email address (c) your ranking of positions you are interested in and (d) a detailed cover letter answering the following questions:


  1. Why are you interested in working for the Asian Pacific American Cultural Center (APACC)?


  1. Which position(s) would you be most interested in and why?


  1. What experience do you have that you feel would benefit the center and the programs you would most like to work with?


  1. What part(s) of yourself are you hoping to explore during your time with APACC?


Communications Manager applicants, graphic design experience is a plus. Therefore, a portfolio or samples would also be helpful. In the cover letter, please detail your experience in managing social media accounts.


Compensation for these positions will start at $12.00 per hour for 7-10 hours per week. For full consideration, applications must be submitted by Sunday, March 1 at 11:59pm. Please contact Carl Izumi Murray Olsen at (970) 491-6154 or email  with any questions.


Start with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid  and CSU’s Student Financial Services website

Other websites that may be resourceful are Scholarships for Asian-Pacific Islander College Students and Scholarships & Financial Aid For Minority Students.

[CLOSED] Dr. Linda Ahuna-Hamill Memorial Scholarship

[CLOSED] Patricia and Robert Memorial (PRM) Impact Award Available Scholarships:

  • Registered Nursing – This Scholarship recognizes an outstanding nursing student enrolled in an accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program.
  • Nurse Practitioner – APRN –  This Scholarship recognizes an outstanding nursing student enrolled in an accredited Nurse Practitioner (NP) program.